Train Museum and Grandpa's Birthday

I figured since we sent out Christmas cards this year (only because we FINALLY got family pictures done - the last time was when Noah was 1!), I'd better update the blog.  I put on the cards to come to this site for more pictures and details  At first I thought that might be considered tacky or inappropriate, but I didn't want to type up a Christmas letter. I figured since this blog is basically a never ending Christmas letter (a place to brag about our kids, our adventures, our strides, anything that makes our lives seem perfect to the outside world :) ), then there was no need to type up something people can just read (and even better, see pictures) right here.  ANYWAY......motivation to keep posting. 

(*I just added quite a few posts, so click through to "older posts" to see the new ones.)

November 2nd
We took my parents to the train museum.  Since it was my dad's birthday, so my mom didn't even complain when we wanted to read EVERY marker.   We did end up leaving him there a few extra hours though, because the kids don't really care about the history (they just like to play with the trains and walk thru them).
Noah and Ava wanted a picture of them sleeping in the snow. 

While my dad was spending his extra time at the museum, my mom went shopping.  She found some cool wigs that the kids thought were hilarious.  We went shopping for eclairs for my dad's birthday dessert.
One of the wigs.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the other one.  It was long brown hair.  Ava loved that one.
That night we had a birthday dinner for my dad.
His favorite dessert: eclairs.  We found these amazing eclairs at a small bakery in Sacramento.  So So Good!!
Happy Birthday, Dad.  We loved celebrating your birthday with you!


The Yoder's Four said...

Love your folks! They honestly haven't changed one bit. Looks like you show them a good time when they come to visit. I wish I were in California right now.

PS. I got your Christmas card and it is super adorable.

mommaquincy said...

I need to check in more often! I love your blog posts!

mammasweet said...

Summer, we got the darling family picture magnet today. Thank you for keeping all of them so happy and healthy. I think we're looking at April 7th or so. Can't wait to see all of you.