Apple Hill and Nimbus Fish Hatchery

 November 1st
Gross picture.
I woke up to the kids shoving candy in their mouths - yes, grandma was watching it all go down.
 We took my parents to apple hill for the morning. 
When grandma comes to town, the kids get to do things we never let them do.  For example, ride on the ponies.  Noah and Ava LOVED it, but Grant preferred to sit on his dad's shoulders. 

 Right after the pony ride, about 20 minutes after we got there, Ava peed in her pants.  Much to my mother's shame, I didn't have ANY spare clothes in the car.  I cleaned out the car a few weeks ago and took out all the clothes because they were too small, and I forgot to replace them.  So, I ended up taking off her pants and undies and just putting my jacket over her.  She wore my jacket as her clothes the rest of the day. 
 At one of the farms, Ava and Noah found this huge dog that they wanted to keep.
On our way back from apple hill we stopped at the fish hatchery.  The Salmon run was just starting.  Thousands of salmon were in the river just waiting for the ladders to open (they didn't open for 2 more days).  No matter how many times I go here, it still amazes me to see this. 


mammasweet said...

Summer, I love the Christmas card - already told Adam about that. Your kids are getting so big! Give each one of them a nice little hug for me.

Mary said...

My old boss had a dog just like that! It was as big as a little black bear. You guys have so much fun whenever you're hosting visitors. P.S. Adam makes a good horse:)