My Baby Is 4!!....What?!

 I can't believe my baby is 4 already!!  I'm sitting here with my box of Kleenex, not because I'm overly sentimental about it, but because I have a yucky cold that is NOT going away.  My poor kids and husband have had to fend for themselves the past few days.  I can hear my kids pouring their own milk and getting their own food from my bed or the couch.  So, I figured instead of just laying on the couch, I might as well have a computer on my lap and finish catching up on this blog. 
Anyway, back to my Granty.......he turned 4 back in November.  It was on a Sunday (and we had 9:00 church), so the morning was pretty quick and simple.
 Opening presents.
 Grant LOVES Costco, and usually it's just him and I that go (we go when Ava is at preschool), so we go up and down every isle just to browse.  Luckily for Grant, all the Christmas toys are out around his birthday, so there is lots of eye candy for him to look at.  He had been eying this tool set for weeks, and explicitly told me that is what he was hoping for on his birthday. 
 Needless to say, he was thrilled to get them.  I thought it was a remarkable deal too.  It came with a chain saw, a drill and bits, skillsaw, and a jigsaw.  They all make noise (not my favorite, but they aren't too loud - we aren't noisy toy type of parents) and "work" somehow.....all for $22!  I too love Costco. :)  He also got a 'real' bat (metal bat) and a t-ball stand.
 We sang to him over breakfast pancakes.  Have I ever mentioned how much this boy loves syrup?  He could be Buddy on the Elf movie.

 I didn't think I could pull off a cake on his actual birthday, because I hadn't started it yet. We still needed to go to church and Adam has to stay late after church for meetings, so I didn't think I would have a chance.  I felt guilty that he wouldn't have his baseball cake that night, so I decided to try and pull something together.  Not my favorite cake creation, but it turned out cute anyway.   Grant was happy; although he really wanted some 'tiny guys' on the field.  I told him there was no way I could make the tiny guys for him if he wanted to eat it that night.  He got a tiny ball on the pitchers mound, and tiny people in the stadium instead.
After dinner we sang to him again and had cake and ice cream.
My sweet birthday boy.

So I won't forget.....
Grant still suck his right 2nd finger whenever he is sad or has his blue blanky (or silky material) nearby.
He STILL wears pull-ups at night. 
He loves to snuggle his mommy (dad too, but mostly me) whenever he can. 
Many nights, he climbs in bed (without my knowledge), climbs over me and sleeps right next to my back. Of course I realize he is there when I find myself almost falling off the bed. 
Grant is very organized and a tad bit OCD.  He likes things a certain way and he isn't afraid to tell you what that way should be.  He did have a screaming problem a few months ago, but that has seemed to go away for the most part.
He wants to go to preschool SO bad. 
He loves to work, especially if it involves tools, dump trucks, bungee cords, dirt, etc. 
He is in heaven whenever we borrow a trailer or a truck.
He is CONSTANTLY tying things up and roping things off with ropes and bungee cords.  Almost every morning we have to untangle a bungee cord wrapped around the closet door handles.
He loves yogurt (that is what he picks every time for his treat at the grocery store), ice cream, noodles, cheese, home-made bread, JAM (same obsession with jam as he does with syrup), banana bread, and most fruits and vegetables.  For the most part he is not a picky eater. 
Grant does this weird dance, all the time, where he holds pretty still and just moves his stomach and arms. So strange. 
He loves sports, especially baseball.
Loves riding his bike. 
He LOVES camping, swimming and boating (although he prefers to just stay in the boat, and not try anything). 
Of course, he has an obsession with potty words and gross talk.  When does that go away? 
He has an adorable dimply smile and contagious laugh.
He loves to play with Ava and Noah any chance he gets. 

We sure love our Grant!!


Jessica said...

Time flies! He is so adorable.

Mary said...

Dang I miss Costco! And of course that cute little Grantie. Glad to know someone besides Lionel is still diapered at night.

bethany said...

I have a huge crush on grant. His little ethiopian (sp?) bod is awesome. I love him. Hooray for being OCD. We need more organizers in our family. I hope he rebels in the next few years and you can send him to live with me for awhile. I'd like to squish him daily.

The Yoder's Four said...

That is an awesome cake! Can't believe you just threw that together. I forget that he and Luke are so close in age. They do a lot of the same things! (Still in pull-ups at night, loves to snuggle and sneak into our bed, crazy about tools, etc.). Four is a fun age!