Naughty Ava and Gymnastics

 One day I was working in the house and the kids were outside playing.  After awhile I realized that I hadn't been bugged or heard any fighting outside.  Odd..... I knew I needed to see what mischief they were into, because we all know, if kids are quiet for too long, something naughty MUST be happening. 
 Sure enough, Ava had taken a bag of cement (that should have been put away by her daddy) and dragged it into the playhouse.  She then proceeded to get a bucket of water and mix the cement and water, and then fling it all over the playhouse.  She also thought it would be fun to throw the cement powder all over herself.  Yes, I know, cement powder is really toxic. She was covered, and looked like a ghost.
This face is a "I know I'm in BIG trouble, but mom asked me to stop for a picture" face.
 This face is a "maybe mom finds this humorous enough that I won't get in trouble" type of face. 
Nice try, Missy......still in BIG trouble.  I think this girl is the instigator for 92.5% of all mischief that happens around here. Good thing she's cute and really sweet the rest of the time, or else she would have a permanent sore bottom.
 I signed Ava and Grant up for gymnastics a few months ago, and this was their Christmas "performance". 

 They love the giant trampoline, and of course they are really good at it.  It helps that they spend A LOT of time on our trampoline.

At the end, Rudolph came for the kids to see, and sit on "its" lap.  I thought it was a bit strange, but the kids thought it was cool.


bethany said...

Ava is a goddess. I hope she never grows up.

Jessica said...

That just made my day! In the picture with Ava on the reindeer's lap she looks soooo tall.

Mary said...

Ava, Ava, Ava. Oh how I love your innocent look! It probably sends mixed messages when we pause to take a picture before punishing our children...reminded me of Charlotte taking apart the pavers in Esparto. Tricks looks like such a fun gym. The fact that they had a "holiday show" for the kids to show off makes me love those people--Barb, is it? P.S. Genentech is putting together a relocation package for Min and he hasn't even flown out for an interview yet...call me!

The Yoder's Four said...

Oooohhh my gosh, LOL. Ava and my Luke could probably rule the world together. What a little STINKER!