Moab - 11/7/14-11/9/14

(Noah exclaimed he made it to the delicate arch)
First of November we went to Moab, Utah for my baby brothers wedding.  His wife's family is from Moab, and was giving this beautiful lodge for the weekend for the wedding and reception.
 The morning after getting to Moab we hiked to the Delicate Arch.  I've always wanted to see this historic arch in person. 

 It really is an amazing site to see.  At the end of the hike you trek around a narrow hill and then BAM, there it is.
 I was kind of nervous with the kids running around on the rocks, because there are cliffs everywhere around the arch.

 Proof my dad made it to the arch.  He didn't go over near it (had to hike near a cliff to get over by the arch), but proud he made it to the top.
 Indian writing on the way back down the trail.
 Little Ollie couldn't take anymore.
 Double arch - Marcus (Rachelle's boyfriend) was a great guide and drove us by a few more sites on the way back.
 Rock climbers repelling off the rock.
 Can't remember what this one is called, but pretty amazing how it's hanging on with very little to support it.
 After the hike, we rushed back (after eating lunch of course) to get the girls' hair done.  Funny the made Ava's hair curly.  Looked almost the same as she does everyday. She still looked adorable and thought it was fun to get pampered.

 Veronica, the bride, getting her makeup done before the wedding.
 Rachelle has a problem when the camera comes out.
 Handsome boys.  Gus held Ollie's hand the whole time.

 Flower girls

 Noah took his wagon pulling very seriously.  Everyone kept telling him to make sure the baby didn't fall out, so he went really slow and kept checking on the baby.
 The flower girls got a little giddy toward the end.  Ava and Meg were giggling the whole time.
 Here comes the bride....
My brother, Tyson.  He was wearing my grandpa Ballard's suit coat and I was wearing a skirt that my grandma Scholzen knitted, so our grandparents were well represented. 

 Watching the ceremony

 Afterward we took some family pictures
 My boys were not cooperating.
 The reception - Ollie dancing with grandma.

 After the reception the kids and I sat in the hot tub for awhile.  It was a nice wedding.  The scenery was beautiful, and Tyson and Veronica finally became Mr. and Mrs. Ballard.
 The next morning we made everyone come back to the lodge for pictures.  It was way too late (10:00) for anything decent (the sun was in the worst possible position), but we did what we could since who knows when we will all be together again.

 After pictures we took the long way back to downtown Moab (the lodge was about 20 minutes out of town) to see a few more sites. We found a little bit of snow on the side of the road and the kids thought it was the greatest thing ever.

 On our way home we stopped at Dead Horse State Park
 My dad was super nervous the entire time we were here.  He's scared of heights (especially with little kids running around), and we were surrounded by enormous cliffs here.
The panorama pictures don't seem to be working right on the blog. :/

 Forced the kids to get one more grandkid photo for my mom.
 The sad goodbye's

 The "we don't want to leave" forced walk to the car.
It was a fun trip.  I had actually never been to that side of Utah before, so it was fun to see a few of the sites.  Happy to see my brother get married too.  Only 1 more sibling in each side of the family left to get hitched!


Unknown said...

Wow, Moab is beautiful and so is your family! It was a picture-perfect wedding. I really love the Ballards and often find myself wondering what it would be like if my kids had another set of cousins on their dad's side. More parties, more presents, more love. Couldn't you just share the Ballards with us?

bethany said...

Loved all the pics. You guys look especially handsome. Thanks for sharing!