My baby is 5!!

 Grant's birthday was in the middle of our SLC/Moab trip, so he didn't get the typical birthday celebration.  Before we left the primary presidency brought over his balloon crown.
We took one of his presents with us so he could have something to open. I thought I had a picture, but can't find it. :/  He opened some super hero action figure guys at Dex's house. After visited with grandma and grandpa we went to Thanksgiving point to do something fun for his birthday.  He got to choose the dinosaur museum or the new discovery museum. He chose the discovery museum.  
 This place is incredible.  Since it was a Monday, and we went during school hours, it wasn't too crowded (we heard it gets insanely busy).  We spent a few hours here and could have stayed longer, but it was dinner time and we were hungry.  If you're ever in Salt Lake, definitely try this place out.  It's pricey, but worth it for a fun day.
 Bug pad - certain squares light up and you have to jump to that square.
 Huge climbing structures everywhere.

 The water section was probably the favorite.  They all could have spent all day in here.

 Afterwards we went to a restaurant and got ribs. 
 When we got home he got to open the rest of his presents.  A batman Lego set.  He's into super heroes lately.
This boy is just like his daddy - he LOVES to get his back scratched. All he wanted for his birthday was a back scratcher.  He loves the bear claw back scratcher, but obviously still prefers me to scratch his back. :)  He requested a batman cake, but because we were leaving town I never got around to making it.  I was planning on making it when we got home, but then he got strep and then we were getting ready to leave on our next trip.  Anyway, we still haven't made the batman cake, but he reminds me every now and again, so I need to get my act in gear and get it done before his next birthday.  

Facts about Grant:
Tall and skinny - taller than Ava by at least an inch, but weighs less. :)
Only likes to wear shorts and t-shirts
Likes super heroes (batman and spiderman)
Has a sweet tooth like his mom
LOVES his 'blue blanky', and still sucks his right index finger when he is tired
Loves to snuggle
Likes sports (soccer, baseball and basketball) - we finally signed him up for baseball this spring. He's constantly kicking around a ball.
Wears pull-ups at night STILL!!!
According to his teacher he is perfect at school - she has never had to tell him to obey, and she said he is nice to everyone (even the girls).  Now if only we could harness that obedience at home. :)
Likes to make is brother and sister laugh - even if it means talking potty talk, which ultimately gets him in trouble. 
Eats his boogers (or so he tells me) - disgusting
Likes routine and organizing
Loves to ride his bike and thinks he's the fastest bike rider in the world
He thinks the way to determine if someone is smart is if they know the answer to 10+10
Knows all his letters and numbers to 20 and can sound out words
Loves to swim and dive
Has a few wiggly teeth
When Grant is intently talking or telling an intense story, he talks with his eyes.  His facial expressions are very animated.
Oh how we love this little boy!!!


Mary said...

Oh, we love that boy too. I love the fun facts and that he eats his boogers. GRANT!

The Yoder's Five said...

I can't believe our little boys are 5! I bet they'd have a blast together.

Luke was 4 1/2 before he gave up the nighttime Pull-Ups....I figure if it saves me from changing sheets at 3:00 am, then it's worth it!