Blue and Gold, lots of rain, patriotic program and snails

Part of the walking trail at the creek is flooded and the kids ignored the 'trail closed due to flooding' signs.  They were sopping wet and mud all up their backs, but they had a grand ol' time. (The boy in the pink bike is Noah's friend, not Ava).
 First day of blue skies in awhile, so took a walk along the creek.  
 Mudslide that took out part of the path.  
 Noah's Blue and Gold banquet was last month - Star Wars theme, obviously.  I got released a couple months ago, so this was the first one in awhile I haven't been in charge of.  So nice to just show up and not have to worry about anything.  I definitely appreciate all that goes into these now though. 
 Noah's dad/son cupcakes.  Dad didn't help at all.  In fact he had a seminar that night, so he missed the whole thing. Noah made the cupcakes and decorated them all by himself.  I did catch him before he dumped in 1 tablespoon of baking soda, instead of 1 teaspoon of baking powder. :)
 He was the Chewbacca award. 

 Grant had his patriotic program (He's in the back row, 7th from the left, red shirt).  My last patriotic program. :(

Very small snippet from the program. 
 With all the rain, the snails come out of hiding.  The kids collected as many as they could (just from the front planter) and had snail races.  Yeah, that didn't last long. :)  I think maybe they were hoping for one to turn into Turbo. 

A few more videos just for fun.  I mentioned in a previous post how Grant is too much of a spaz to figure out how to jump rope.  This is proof. :)

Noah messing around with the settings on my camera. 

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