This and That

 Ava shows her affection in written words.  I find love or hate notes all over the house.  Today I found a note that said, "The Wilson family does not want a baby sister, but I want a baby sister. From: Ava".  It was in a sealed envelope with a stamp on it.  Not sure who she was going mail that to.  If you know of any baby sisters for sale, Ava wants to buy one. :)  This is a box bed for her (my old) carebears. 
 I buy my kids 2 pairs of school shoes at the beginning of school and tell them they are the only shoes I am buying them until summer.  We made it to March and I finally threw all three of the kids' shoes away because they were so mangled.  Luckily they have 1 more pair to last them a few more months.  I keep telling them to switch off, but they like the really comfy shoes, so they wear them to death......literally. 
 The kids were really anxious to try out the snorkeling sets I got for Hawaii (we just got home, so those posts are coming), so they decided it was worth getting into the cold pool.  
 I've just finished uploading ALL of my old hard drives, memory cards, external hard drives, floppy disks, etc, etc. onto Googlephotos (it's been a 3+ month process).  I've been scanning lots of memorabilia and pictures too.  Anyway, it's been a walk down memory lane.  Rummaged up some real gems.  Found this picture of me around Grant's age and realized I had the same bucky beaver teeth (gap and all) as he does.  
All the reminiscing makes me miss my babies. :'/
 Baseball season has started.  All our weekends are now booked (although it's been raining, so a lot of the games and practices are getting cancelled).  This was at the opening ceremonies.  They do a little parade of teams. Grant is the one in the middle holding his hat.  Both boys are on Florida teams (I had no idea who either of their teams were. Good thing there's google).  Grant is on the Rays and Noah is on the Marlins. 
 Noah is to the right of the mascot guy. 
 Adam calls Grant neckmeat (I have no idea why) sometimes, so we were teasing him that he had lunchmeat on his jersey.  He thought we were kidding, and also that we were referring to actual lunchmeat.  He made me take a picture to prove it.  Ha. :)
 They haven't learned that the water isn't the same temperature as the air. 


Mary said...

I've always thought that Grant looks like a little Adam, but he does look like a younger Summer! Better to have space between his teeth than not. Ava and Charlotte should collaborate on authoring and illustrating books...And I'm Pretty sure Charlotte would share her little sister with Ava if she really wants one. I just adore your kids. Looking forward to the Hawaii pictures!

Ty * April said...

That is funny! Meg writes lots of notes for us to find. Some nice, lots not so nice.