April in a nutshell and in no particular order. :)
Pinewood derby for Noah - his last!! :(
He said since he won 1st place last year, he didn't care if his car was fast this year (Noah is NOT competitive). 
Adam and Noah decided to do a Winnebago car.  Because we didn't have to take off hardly any wood, the car was overweight (without adding ANY extra weights to it at all).  We had to drill out some wood from the bottom to make weight. :) We thought it would be the slowest car there, but he actually won a few races.  I think he ended up in the 6-8th place bracket. 

He did win 'Best in Show' though.  Man, those cub scout years flew by!!
 Had torrential rains (almost 100" of rain this winter!!) at the cabin so Adam spent a good chunk of time up there regrading the road, adding more drainage ditches and putting down road base to help with the flooding. 
 Speaking of my hard working man, he turned 39 in April.  We sure love this guy and ALL he does for us.  He is amazing, that's for sure. 
 Sold my MDX. 
 A tattle teller note from Grant. Ha! Much rather see this than what he usually does (hit the offender). 
 Easter weekend at the cabin.  My mom sends the kids a bunch of Easter candy and treasures each year, so they were sorting them and adding them to eggs.  We hid them around the cabin for their egg hunt.  They love a good egg hunt.  Our friends, the Wassoms, were there too, so Adam hid some $$$$ eggs outside for their teenagers to find. Now I know why my parents 'made' us egg hunt well into our 30's.  It's very entertaining to watch older kids/adults act like little kids. :) Well played, mom and dad, well played.  
 Hiked to the overlook.  That view never gets boring. Incredible up there. I wish the parks service would maintain this fire overlook.  Such a cool place, but the structure if falling apart. 
 My boys are pyros. 
 A bat that kept me company outside the kitchen window. 
 Easter Sunday.  A little egg hunt (only dimes and nickels in the eggs this time - spoiled kids kept asking where the candy was) and then Easter baskets.  Easter bunny brought all the treats we rarely get, so the kids were in heaven (their own root beer, candy bags and peeps).  They also got some glow in the dark stars. 

 Went on a fun hike with some hiking buddies. You can see more picture <HERE> on Heidi's hiking blog. 
 Open house at the kids' school.  Noah hatched and raised chickens in his classroom, so that's where we spent most of the time. 

Sunday afternoon drive to check out the Father's and Sons camp ground.  There was a big fire there last year, so they were still cleaning up, but Adam said it looked better when they went there for the camp out. 
Noah's been learning about the California gold rush for state history this year.  He had to do a poster about which route we would have taken. He did a good job. He got 'most convincing' from the parents vote after open house. 
After they did all their projects work on the Gold rush they got to go a field trip to Coloma (Sutters Mill), where it all started.  It was a fun field trip.  Noah was a pretty good gold panner. 
 He got lots of gems and even a few pieces of real gold. 

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