For your viewing pleasure

Before we left Salt Lake, Noah found it hilarious to fish for Ava.
Freddie, Noah and Charlotte showing off their acrobatic skills. Listen to Freddie talk - he talks with a really low serious voice. We laugh every time we hear him.


rachelle said...

I feel like our mother. I'm pretty upset at not getting to see those babies all the time and I'm starting to get a little angry with you.....;). I'm going to come visit soon I decided. Hope your guest room is ready!

The Ellis Family said...

Look how much fun those cousins are having! Loved the videos!

Kyle and Emily said...

Uncle Chuckie is going to be so proud when I show him the fishing video. I think we have bought every niece/nephew on both sides a fishing pole over the years and Noah seems to be the only one practicing his skills:)