(Andy and Grant in Kona)
We've been a little occupied since we got home from Hawaii - holding Grant and finishing quiet book pages. Grant threw up all over me on the flight home, and has been puking up until yesterday.  He loves to snuggle whenever possible anyway, but when he's sick that's ALL he wants to do.   

(Take the match from the envelope and slip in behind the corresponding opposite)

Remember this project a few family and friends have been working on?  Well, the deadline was the end of February.  Yeah, it's March and I'm still not done.  The first group (Jonah and the Whale) pages are all done, and the second group (opposites) pages are 2/3 of the way done.  I guess I'm not that behind.  Hopefully, they'll be in the mail by the first of next week.  This project has been time consuming, but really fun.  I like how the pages turned out.  Pretty soon I'll have 2 completed books to show you, and for my kids to enjoy. 

(The fish are removable as well, so they can be swallowed by the whale too)

So......now that Grant is feeling better, I can finish up these pages, and then I'll get Hawaii posted on here. 


mommaquincy said...

Poor Grant! And that must have been a fun flight!

Meg & Josh said...

Cute books!

I can't wait to see your Hawaii pictures. Those kids are growing up so quick. I LOVE Ava's curly hair!

Jen said...

that picture of grant is so sad and sweet. poor baby (poor mommy to smell like puke for all those hours on the plane!)

I hope everyone is getting healthier.

mammasweet said...

We're glad to be home, too. The kids look great. It was 85 degrees at Disneyland Saturday. Hurricane got lots of rain today. I like the pages I've collected so far!