Pool Tricks

See video below to explain why Noah is flying through the air.  Just to clarify, Noah loves this kind of torture stuff.

Adam and Noah have fun figuring out new tricks to do in the swimming pool.  This is their latest stunt.

Daddy and his little ducks.

What, you don't wear a fire hat when swimming?
Ava showing off her diving board skills

Grant found a front row seat to watch his dad put in a drip system. 

Grant was messing around and wouldn't stay on his bed for naps.  I sat out in the hall, so whenever he would try to get off his bed, I would poke my head in and tell him to "GET ON YOUR BED".  He was testing the waters and put half of his body off the bed.  A few minutes later I realized he fell asleep like this. :)


The Yoder's Four said...

Wow, you've got some brave swimmers!

Love that pic of Grant. Some kids are comfortable anywhere!

Ty * April said...

Fun pool tricks but I think I am more impressed that Grant is dressed!

Jessica said...

Their swimming is awesome. What's your secret?? I was showing my girls the videos hoping it would inspire them to be more confident in the water. Love that picture of Grant, what a funny little guy.

mommaquincy said...

You look like a bunch of fish! (Flying fish in Noah's case) The pool looks very fun!

ellisgomez said...

That is hillarious and so cute... all of it. The swimming and the sleeping on the head :)