We're finally home from the big vacation, and getting back into the swing of things.  The kids and I flew to Vegas, where my mom met us.  We stayed one night there and then went to the Shark exhibit at the Madalay Bay.  After lunch my mom and the kids dropped me off at the airport. I went to get on a plane to meet Adam in LA, and the kids drove off to spend a week in Hurricane. 

 I was a little nervous about flying with all the kids by myself, but they did great.  The flight was just over an hour, so it was pretty easy.  I took my trusty stroller to strap down the babies while in the airport and Noah was so excited to go to grandma's house, he minded really well.
At the shark exhibit - really cool, BTW.

 Noah loved touching the rays.
 Scorpion fish
 Jellyfish are fascinating to me.  They had a huge round tank full of pink glowing jellyfish.  If they weren't deadly creatures, I'd have a tank of them in my house. I could watch them for hours.

 Ava plopped down on the glass floor and watched the sharks from the top view.
Don't know why I look like I just saw a ghost.  The kids loved the exhibit.  Ava almost put her hand in a tank full of piranhas, but other than that we made it through the Vegas experience unscathed. 
I have TONS of pictures from Fiji, so slowly but surely I'll get caught up. 


The Yoder's Four said...

Woo! We are planning on staying at Mandalay Bay for our anniversary this year. Nothing compared to FIJI, though!! I am insanely jealous!!!

Glad your kids were in good hands--how nice to be able to drop them off for a week! :)

Ty * April said...

We are sure missing those babies! Every time meg walks into moms house she asks where Noah is.