Food, Glorious Food

 Do you ever go down an isle at the grocery store and wonder what the other brands of a particular item taste like?  Well, I do.  I don't LOVE yogurt like some people do, but I do enjoy it.  Grant is one that falls into the LOVE group though.  I thought it would be fun to do our own yogurt tasting experiment. So, here's the line up.
Brown Cow, Chobani, Fage, Oikos, Open Nature, Yoplait, Noosa
We went for taste only - didn't take into account the price.
I tried to get the same flavor for all of them, but they didn't have them, so we got vanilla or strawberry. I also realize that some are regular yogurt and some are greek yogurt, so they are going to be quite different.  OK, so our testing isn't all that accurate, but we're amateurs.
 One or two of them were absolutely NASTY.
 Grant loved all of them, of course. So to figure out the ones he and Ava liked the most, they would point to the spot on their plate and ask for more of _____ one.

Our results:
Brown Cow: creamy, med. thickness, organic/original taste
Chobani: thick, greek, best of the greek yogurts
Fage: thick, tastes like sour cream, YUCK, "do not try this at home" :)
Oikos: thick, creamy, tastes like greek yogurts yoplait (fake sweetness)
Open Nature: med thickness, fresh tasting, less "yogurty" taste than some of the others
Yoplait: thin, tastes fake / "candy-ish"
Noosa: creamy, thick, more "yogurty" taste

Adam: Brown Cow and Noosa
Summer: Brown Cow, Open Nature and Noosa
Noah: Oikos, Chobani
Ava: Brown Cow and Open Nature
Grant: Brown Cow and Chobani
We had a variety of favorites, but the all around winner is BROWN COW.  
We'll have to do another taste test sometime. Any suggestions? 
 Family Night Pizza - My little chefs.
The kids loved rolling out their own dough and putting on their toppings. They actually ate it without a fight too. Maybe we should make them do all their meals. 
The Deaners came to visit last weekend, and we had lots of fun.  Now I know how Mary feels - I didn't take one picture.  I knew Erika was snapping hundreds of pictures all the time, so I didn't feel the need to even get my camera out.  She puts me to shame, both in the AMOUNT of pictures and the QUALITY. But I don't care, because she took some amazing pictures while they were here.  We had fun showing them around and visiting with them.  Thanks again for coming, Deaners.  I hope the rest of you all take a lesson from them, and come visit.  No invitation or prior warning (OK maybe a day or two) needed.


Ty * April said...

We like to taste test cheese. This was one of my favorite things to do when I was student teaching. My kids now love love love feta, Gouda, swiss. Munster a little bit. We love making our own pizzas. How about taste testing different flavors of apples or chocolate chips :) they would like that one.

The Ellis Family said...

It's always a party at the Wilsons! We highly recommend moving in with the Wilsons, we had a blast. Thanks guys!

The Yoder's Four said...

Mmm, I will have to try that Brown Cow stuff! I like the Activia dessert yogurt...the strawberry cheesecake I think. And any mousse kind.

My hubby and I have also gotten into cheese. Too bad all the good kinds are $$$! I love feta, Vermont cheddar, Dubliner and real Parmesan.