The Great Outdoors

 Our turkey friends were back the other day, and this time they were strutting their stuff for the lady turkeys (sorry the picture is blurry, but I liked how they were all in a row).  It was like watching national geographic out our front window.  Luckily, none of the kids asked too specific of questions about what was happening. Amazing at what these fellas do to get some attention.  When Noah was telling Adam about it, Adam said that's how most boys are - they act like turkeys to get attention from the girls. He He!
Last week we went to the UC Davis Arboretum with the Yangs.  Someday when Mary and I go alone, we can enjoy the neat plants and landscaping, but it was mainly for the kids to run around.
 Playing in the Redwood Forrest section.
Enjoying our own garden.  My winter garden has been awesome.  I love that we can have a garden year around here.  My peas are HUGE - like 7ft. tall! Not exaggerating, I measured.  I know Adam would say while he was reading this, "dear, they're not 7ft tall, maybe 6 if you're lucky", so I had to make sure I was accurate. Anyway, regardless of how tall they are, the most important thing is that they are scrumptious.  Adam probably wouldn't know that, because the kids and I eat most of them before he can get a sampling. 


mammasweet said...

I remember strolling through the arboretum with your guys singing James Taylor.

The Yoder's Four said...

A WINTER GARDEN!? You've got to be kidding me. I have like, a 3 month growing season here. It sucks. Those are pretty sweet pea flowers! I love those. Didn't you have those at your wedding?

Summer said...

those are actually sugar snap peas. My sweet peas r just about to bloom though. We also just planted some sweet pea bushes out front. I have never seen them before. They are neat.

Becca said...

That quote about boys acting like turkeys sounds just like Adam! Love it!