Easter and Party #3

The kids' Easter baskets.  They each got a new swimming towel, book, goggles, water gun (Noah and Ava), hat (Grant), and of course, candy. 

Grant has been in to hats lately, so he loved his "little" hat.  He's been wearing his daddy's hats. 
Noah loved the water gun and.........everything. 
Ava loved her goggles and the candy (see her puffed cheeks?  they're full of candy)
The babies intently opening their junk food (7:30 AM, mind you).
"Mom I can't get this open if you keep telling me to look at the camera" (Ava)
"I just ate a delicious cad berry egg" (Grant)
Ava got these cute press on nails from my mom.  She thought they were cool and liked to click them on things, but after a few minutes she didn't want them anymore.  
Testing out their new towels.  We have 1 o'clock church so the kids were able to eat lots of candy and run around before we went to church.  Sacrament meeting was awful (at least the childrens behavior).  Adam sang in the choir and the minute he went to the stand, my 3 brats angels decided to be terrible.  I took them all in the hall, and luckily our wonderful nursery leader came out to get one of the instigators - Ava.  Relief Society was great though.  We had a good FHE about Easter and we've tried talking about the Resurrection as much as possible this month, so hopefully the real meaning of Easter penetrates their little brains.
On to our next party.  Kelli invited us to have Easter dinner with her family.  Evan (Noah's friend from preschool - his mom is my friend Megan, who also happens to be Kelli's sister)  playing pin the tie on the rabbit. 
Kids all lined up for another Easter egg hunt. 

 The kids are getting pretty good at this egg hunt business.  Dinner this time was ham, yummy potatoes, snickers salad, rolls, and carrot cake. Yes, we have gained like 10 pounds after all this.  We're disgusting, but the food was good. :)


The Ellis Family said...

Those are some happy kids! Thanks for the pictures. How's the remodel going?

mammasweet said...

I'm glad you had lots of parties. We try to keep up with you guys, but it's pretty much impossible. Love you all.