Party #2 - Adam's Birthday

 The Yangs came over for a little Easter bash, and more importantly, to celebrate Adam's birthday.  We, meaning the kids, did an Easter egg hunt.  Lionel found his first egg in the tractor and then decided to stay put for awhile.
 Granty scored a bunch on the slide.

 Noah and Charlotte got to find all the eggs around the pool, and after the little kids were done hunting they got to come find the rest of the eggs.
 Sorting through their loot.
 Grant eating every piece of candy after opening each egg.
 Freddie somehow got almost every egg that had money in it.  At first he was excited, but I think he wanted the candy more than the money.  He traded his riches for the sugary treats.

 Mary brought a real live Easter bunny for the party!!  Ava didn't leave its side the entire day.  Poor bunny took some tough abuse love from all the kids.
 Ava loves animals. She carried the bunny around like a baby, fed it grass and carrots, and loved on it all day. She was also very possessive of it as well.
 The older kids got to dye eggs while the babies were sleeping.  Mary was a gem and cooked most of the food for the day.  I love having a personal chef.
 They thought it was amazing how the tablets fizzled and then dyed the eggs.
 Experimenting with the colors. After awhile, they all turned brown.

 These 3 have so much fun together.  They get along pretty well, and they come up with some creative games.
 Charlotte and Noah jumped in the pool a few times, but it was still a bit too cold to actually swim around.
 OK, so Noah got pushed in a few times.  He deserved it - he pushed Charlotte in.  He didn't seem to mind though.
 We had steaks for dinner and mountain-mama-mud-slide-pie for Adam's birthday.  Hopefully he had a great day, even though I sent him to the dump with all of our construction mess.  Easter celebrations sort of overshadowed his birthday this year, but I hope he felt a little special.  
We love you daddy!  Happy Birthday.  en
The kids table.  The guy who is building our cabinets for the bathroom brought us this table for the kids.  It's turned into our breakfast nook table instead. 
Party number 2 was really fun.  We love our cousins.

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Becca said...

You make me jealous with all the fun you seem to be having over there. Do you think Adam could get transferred to Phoenix? There are great job opportunities here, you know! Besides, there are a lot of fixer-uppers you could get your hands on...just a thought. :)