Grant turns 3

 "It's a ball"  
Noah told him it was a giant candy, because it was wrapped like one.

 So pleased with his digger.
 This boy loves tractors and 'diggers'.
 Birthday breakfast: muffins and hot chocolate.  His favorite part is singing Happy Birthday.  He sings it all year round to either himself or Ava.
As requested by the birthday boy: a digger cake.
 We tried a chocolate cake this time (really good, BTW).  The digger is made of rice krispies and fondant.
 I thought it turned out cute, and Granty loved it, so that's all that matters. All he wanted to eat was the scoopers.

 Singing Happy Birthday to himself (we sang along too).
I used the sparkler candles, so he got lots of practice trying to blow out the candles. 
Happy Birthday Granty.
We Love You.


rachelle said...

He looks so happy! I take it he is still obsessed with basketballs, dodgeballs, baseballs, etc? What kind of cake are you going to make me on my birthday, that is the true question. One with real dollar bills?! I can't wait to see the little munchkins. How was your trip?

Slash shouldn't I build a tiny house in California? Good idea, right?

Jon and Bridget said...

Dang Sum!!! That is the cutest cake! Glad he had an awesome birthday! :)

ellisgomez said...

What an awesome cake!

Mary said...

the cake is a work of art! you should teach the next RS class on cake decorating. And can I just say it's hard to believe that Grant is 3? It means my own kids are getting older too and we're entering the next phase of parenthood. How fun for all of us!

The Yoder's Four said...

Grant is 3 already?!? Time flies!! He is so precious and what a lucky kid to have that awesome cake! I don't know how you bear to eat your beautiful creations...