As you can see from the previous post.  My parents were here over Halloween.  Honestly I was shocked that they agreed to come for Halloween. I was even more shocked that my dad came with my mom.  We have been here for 3 1/2 years, and this was his first visit.  We jammed packed their visit with a ton of stuff. 
We took the boat down the Sacramento river to Old Sac.  We docked at the bridge and then walked up to Joe's Crab Shack for lunch.  The middle of that bridge goes up and down for any boats/yachts that won't fit under.  This was the first time I have actually seen it go up (sorry no picture). 
 After lunch we walked around Old Sac for a few minutes.  
Adam playing the old pump organ in the school house.
 Look at those cute desks.  They have small desks in the front, and they gradually get bigger toward the back since all the kids went to school here back in the day.

 On our way back to our boat, this pirate ship was just docking. 

 On our way back up the river we spotted these sea lions at one of the ship yards.  Crazy they were up the river that far.

 After we got home, the kids were very anxious to get their costumes on and go trick-or-treating. 
 I have fun making my kids their Halloween costumes, but this year was a bit too crazy, so we did a little buying and rummaging the dress up drawer. I bought Noah's Harry Potter glasses and robe.  He just wore his Sunday pants, sweater and shirt, Adam's tie, and a red lightning bolt.  I think he looked just like Harry Potter.
 Ava was a princess.  Easy since she has quite a few princess dresses to choose from. Each time she needed to dress up for a Halloween function, she wore a different dress. On Halloween night she picked her pink princess dress (a birthday present from grandma and grandpa carrier).  She made her crown at preschool that week and her favorite part......sparkly make up.
 Showing off her purple eyes and sparkly cheeks.
 Grant wanted to be a spiderman, so we just picked his costume up at Costco.

I never cook a meal for Halloween, because dinner time is about the time the door bell starts ringing, and the kids want to go trick-or-treating.  I just put out healthy snack foods, so we can grab something in passing. This year we had guacamole and chips, monster mouths (apples, peanut butter, yogurt pretzel pieces), witch fingers (cheese sticks and red bell peppers), ghosts on a stick (frozen bananas dipped in yogurt).
 My cute, ANXIOUS, trick-or-treaters. My mom and I took them around the neighborhood, while Adam and dad stayed home to pass out candy at our house.  The kids all filled their buckets in no time.  Our neighborhood goes all out for Halloween, so they had a great time, and luckily they don't get scared too easily. 
After they were tired of walking we came home and gorged on candy.

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