Elk Grove Pumpkin Festival

 October 5th
Every year in Elk Grove (a town 40 minutes south) they have a huge pumpkin festival.  It's mainly held for the giant pumpkin contest, but now it has booths, games, food, etc. This was our first year attending.  Adam had to stay home to get ready for an Elders Quorum thing at our house, so Eli went with me and the kids.
 This chef was there demonstrating fruit carving.  He was incredible.

 Cute easy tree. Might have to try this for Christmas dinner.
 The grand champion.  It was massive.  I believe it was 2,000 lbs! 
 2nd place and my favorite type of pumpkins (cinderella pumpkins).

 Noah standing there to give some perspective of their enormous size.
 We wasted some money on the "rides".  All the kids wanted to do were the blow up bounce houses/mazes.

 Finished off the excursion with an overpriced snow cone.

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mammasweet said...

I missed these cute pictures. I'm glad you shared them and I really love your family picture this year. We have had a great holiday and are hoping the wedding date is planned before the week is out- then we'll know when YOU are coming.