Pumpkin Carving

 October 30th
My parents flew to Oakland this day, so we went and picked them up in the afternoon.  On our way home we did a tour of the Jelly-belly factory (forgot the camera).  Once we got home, we started carving pumpkins.  The kids wanted to wait until grandma and grandpa were there so they could help carve.  I must say, it was SOOO much easier when the adults outnumber the kids!
 When I was little, my mom would gut ALL of our pumpkins while we were at school, so when we got home all we had to do was design and cut out our jack-o-lanterns.  I'm not so nice.  I make my kids gut their own pumpkins.  The slimy insides are part of the fun, right?!
 I got Noah this awesome double pumpkin at the pumpkin patch, so he and grandpa had fun coming up with a jack-o-lantern face.
 Ava's masterpiece.
 Grant's spooky Jack-o-lantern.
Getting serious about this carving business. 
 Noah makes the cutest faces when he's concentrating.
He also 'uses' his mouth to help him cut. :)
 Siamese Jack-o-lanterns - 1 happy, 1 sad.
 We got lots of comments on Noah's double pumpkin. 
 Happy (VERY BELATED) Halloween!!

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